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Pinoys Go National is a movement by New Zealanders of Filipino descent to give back to the country that has welcomed them with open arms by supporting the Party has successfully led the government.

As you well know, Filipinos have been a strong contributor to New Zealand’s key growth sectors – health care, construction, farming, and IT industries. Over time, Filipinos in the New Zealand workforce have gained immense respect from their employers and their peers.

The rapid growth of the Pinoy community in the country makes it a great time for us to have a voice in the governing Party of New Zealand.

It is time that Filipinos seek to be represented in the New Zealand Parliament.

One of the first steps to accomplishing this is to acknowledge the immense responsibility of participating in elections, and understanding the impact our vote has in the country’s future - a future that matters to us all.

You are invited to join Pinoys Go National in support of the New Zealand National Party working for the betterment of New Zealand – learn how you can become involved and participate!